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Fast and easy open source technology to download free music and free videos from YouTube

Fast and easy open source technology to download free music and free videos from YouTube

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Program license: Free

Program by: Youtube Downloader Gratis

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Works under: Windows


Program license

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Youtube Downloader Gratis


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Speedy Tube takes the best of YouTube and gives it to you in free music and free video format.

While there are some mixed reports about this program and its features aren't as well known as any reviewer would like, what is known about Speedy Tube is that it exists to make YouTube more useful. While YouTube does have a large collection of videos and music videos in one place, its down side has always been that you can't actually download those videos and save them in an easy to listen format.

Thanks to Speedy Tube, people can do just this. People report that the download is quick and doesn't require many agreements clicked on, a good sign for any program of this nature. To illustrate the speediness of the download: a music video takes around a minute to download. That's not going to take much time out of your day. The program relies on advertisements to live, so people will be pleased with the price: Absolutely free.

With Speedy Tube, you'll get the power to use YouTube in ways you never have before, with the full freedom to have the videos available without having to log onto the YouTube program. You can't beat that for a free program. However, there is some frustration over the advertisements that fund the program. Compared to the power of the program, this is a minor complaint.


  • Easy to download YouTube videos and enjoy them in your browser
  • Super fast to download the program itself
  • It's free


  • The advertisements that fund Speedy Tube can be a bit bothersome
  • Not a lot of additional features

If you want to easily download a few videos from YouTube, this is often your fastest option.